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$19 / day with Monday through Friday access. Non-member conference room rate.

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$149 / month with 24/7 access. Sit at any free desk. Conference room rental 1hr / week free.

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Dedicated Desk

$299 / month with 24/7 access and a dedicated desk to leave your stuff. Conference room rental 4 hrs / week free and use of the upstairs kitchen area.

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2 Gbit Connection = Blazing Fast Speed

Connection speeds so fast that it will make your head explode! Well, not really but they are darn fast!

(CAUTION: head explosions are not recommended and no heads have ever actually exploded at Proximity!)

Montrose, a Proximity Space

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Not only do we own and operate three coworking spaces in Western Colorado, we also create software to make operating a coworking space easier.

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The Start-Up Feels

Feeling low?

Feeling like you are going nowhere in life?

Feeling like you’ve dug yourself a hole so deep that there is no possible way to get out?

Weren’t feeling any of those things, but you are now after reading that intro?

Yeah beginning a startup can be hard at times and it’s understandable that at some points you feel like giving up.

Well have no fear…you will get through this.

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“With the launch of the “Proximity Space makes it easy to come into “work” every day. The relationships I have made with other members are priceless and never would have happened working from home or a coffee shop. It is a “no hassle” place to work and grow your business. The internet is fast, the coffee is always fresh, and the people are amazing. Travis Scheidegger

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24 hour access • reserve hourly • WiFi and Wired 1 Gig Connection • flexible layout  • multi room setup

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