Meet Kate Adams


At Proximity, we love coworking because it means people get to work every day surrounded by community – in coworking no one works alone. And we love our company because it means we get to work every day with our team in community. We’ve got some pretty amazing, creative, innovative, and downright cool people here at Proximity and we are grateful that we get to do what we love every day with them, together.  Today we’re excited to introduce one of our newest teammates, Kate Adams, Proximity Space Montrose Community Manager.

Kate was born and raised in Montrose, Colorado. After graduating in 2013, instead of pursuing her aeronautical degree, she left Colorado in search of new experiences. She lived in San Antonio, TX and Fort Bragg, NC, then moved backed to Montrose for its perfect fit of her lifestyle. Kate found herself working on Main Street running small businesses. With a growing love for Main Street, she joined the DDA board and volunteered to organize three different Main Street events for the community to enjoy.
Kate has a shared position as Community Manager for Proximity Space, the Montrose Chamber of Commerce and the City of Montrose. Kate runs the Main Street Banner program and is a committee member of the DART board.
Kate has naturally always been the leader of the pack, captain of the ship, conductor of the band, ringleader of the circus or warden of the asylum. Being fully functional in the chaos, Kate keeps a very active lifestyle with close friends. She enjoys boating, playing in the snow, participating in volleyball and training in the gym.




8 Ways to Combat the Holiday Crazy!

The holiday season is upon us and that means an added stress to everyday life and work. In order to combat and lower the risk of going on a rampage of Christmas Crazy, here are some great tips and tricks to help you relax and genuinely enjoy the season.

  1. Review the positives of your work and/or home environment over the past year. Do you have an environment conducive to your style? Are there people in your life that you absolutely despise? It’s always a good idea to review your life to know if you are truly happy.

    Americans on average spend approximately 35-40 hours each week at work with the added time of sleeping and eating equals approximately 100 hours out of 168 hours per week. That means you only have about 68 hours, or 9 hours a day, that you have all that extra stuff to do like laundry, going to the grocery store, digging a hole for that family relative you’ve been hiding in the basement freezer. It’s no wonder you feel stressed out.
    If you don’t have enough positives in your work environment, maybe it’s time to make a change. Consider chatting with people you actually like more, get a massage once a week, or maybe it’s time to move.

  2. Drink lots of water. Not only will you stay hydrated but it has been proven to help relieve stress. Also did you know it helps you from getting old?!?! I know crazy right the more water you drink the less you will have to use that expensive anti-wrinkle cream.
  3. Have some fun. Have a friendly competition and laugh out loud. Friendly competition helps us to remember that it’s ok to let go. Being able to let go allows us to be more positive and productive. It has been proven that laughter decreases stress and increases immune cells, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins which promotes an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain. Which means if you can manage to do both of these you will not only be more productive but also fight off that winter cold that always seems pop up and stick around. Ah who am I kidding it’s to WIN and ultimately destroy your opponents hope and dreams!!! *maniacal laugh*
  4. Keep realistic goals. Don’t over do anything. Life is all about how lazy you can be. From shopping to working. Having too much on your plate just increases your level of stress. So take it easy. Make sure to organize your time and focus on the small parts of a bigger picture. Completing small tasks, like that Sudoku you been working on for weeks, makes you feel more accomplished than tackling one big project, like trying to fold a fitted sheet. Organize and prioritize your time. Think about which projects can be put off until after the holidays or when you have a little spare time.
  5. Top of the hour de-stress. Set an alarm for the top of the hour and either take 3 deep breaths or get up and stretch. Take a moment to recompose yourself. Let go of the angry little voices inside your head and take 3 deep breaths to allow a rush of oxygen to the brain. Trust me it’s better than overdosing on Tylenol. Stretching or light exercise relaxes the body also reenergizing you. Plus you might be able to keep all that holiday snacking weight gain to a minimum.
  6. Keep an open mind. Always make sure to respond with kindness and compassion. It’s important to remember that you are not the only one dealing with holiday stress and that everyone’s stress is not on the same level. Some people go nuts…. If you can’t think of anything positive to say then don’t say it. If you do say it just make sure you have your phone out ready to record any craziness that happens for later. No one needs the added stress of an unnecessary argument but sometimes it makes great blackmail for later.
  7. Make time for you. It’s important that amidst all the hustle and bustle to take some alone time. Take about 30 minutes to an hour to read, doodle, or take a relaxing bath/shower before heading back out into the crowds of holiday parties and shopping. You’ll be more relaxed and therefore enjoy any holiday festivities more.
    And yes Frozen was absolutely necessary in this situation.

  8. Change your work schedule. Changing up your usual routine has been proven to stimulate the brain. Even if it’s coming into work an hour later than usual or maybe eating dinner a little earlier. Making one small change can make all the difference.

This concludes our Holiday De-stress Tips and Tricks. Now go out and share it with your friends and family.


But make sure your expectations aren’t too high.


The Start-Up Feels


Feeling low?

Feeling like you are going nowhere in life?

Feeling like you’ve dug yourself a hole so deep that there is no possible way to get out?

Weren’t feeling any of those things, but you are now after reading that intro?

Yeah beginning a startup can be hard at times and it’s understandable that at some points you feel like giving up.

Well have no fear…you will get through this.

I’m not going to give you a bunch of motivational quotes and tell you that it’s about the journey and not the destination…’cause that’s boring.

What I will tell you though is that super successful celebrities were at one point exactly where you are…maybe that will make you feel better…and if not, it was a fun way to kill time.

And plus it’s nice knowing sometimes these idolized people were once human.


He has 32 award wins and 78 nominations

BUT REMEMBER: He didn’t have his first movie role until he was 46


Has succeeded in making it impossible to fall asleep at night by selling over 350 million copies of his novels

BUT REMEMBER: When he was 30 he was working as a custodian and living in a trailer


Yes, one of the world’s most amazing wizards was pretty successful and holds such a magical place in our hearts

BUT REMEMBER: He didn’t follow his acting dreams until he was 42


Had a movie based off of her, but more importantly was a famous chef who brought french cuisine to the american public

BUT REMEMBER: She didn’t release her first cookbook till she was 39, or have her first cooking show until she was 51

Oprah Winfrey

Amazing talk show host and philanthropist with a net worth of $3.2 billion

BUT REMEMBER: Before she was giving away cars and vacations she was fired from her first reporting job


Author of the world’s most famous children series (Harry Potter for those of you living under a rock)!

BUT REMEMBER: at age 28 she was a single mother living on state benefits


Has worldwide fame for his movie roles as an actor and is an amazing producer

BUT REMEMBER: When he was 30 years old he was a carpenter


An american actress, writer, and producer. Also one of the funniest women out there (I don’t want to hear any objections)

BUT REMEMBER: She was working at the YMCA at the age of 23

So while you might be feeling a little low and stressed out…just remember no one started out amazing, everyone had to work hard to get where they are at! So keep on going, your startup is going to be great.

You’re not alone. There are so many people out there in the same boat, struggling with their startups. Connect with them, gain motivation, and innovate! A great place to meet other hardworking entrepreneurs, freelancers, and start-ups are at your local coworking space. This is a great opportunity for you to collaborate with others and feed off the productivity and ultimately go from this

To this

Proximity Space and Nuvista Empower Aspiring Students


Proximity Space, Montrose High School, and NuVista Federal Credit Union have teamed up this summer to provide the necessary equipment and creative work space for young entrepreneurs from Montrose High School. Josh Freed, Managing Partner of Abrams and co-founder of the Proximity Space coworking facility, collaborated with Kathy Gaber, the Computer Design teacher at Montrose High School (MHS). After being invited into each other’s class/work space they discovered that Gaber’s Advanced Class had a similar feel to Proximity Space, with students working independently on their own projects while still being in community with other students. “We thought it would be beneficial for both the students and the professionals (at Proximity Space) to see what each other does in the digital arena,” said Gaber. Freed and Gaber also realized that the top of the line Apple computers that MHS owns would be sitting unused during the summer, and they made an appeal to the school requesting a few of the computers be brought to Proximity Space for student use.

With financial assistance from NuVista, Proximity Space offered four scholarships to MHS students who wanted to further their creative and practical skills in their chosen areas of interest. Students competed for the scholarships throughout the school year, and those selected now have comprehensive memberships at Proximity Space. This meaning that each student was provided a school computer to work on and a dedicated desk membership to Proximity Space allowing them to work and learn whenever they would like for the duration of the summer.

Korey Hehn, Community Relations Specialist at NuVista, was extremely impressed by the student scholars. “These kids are so driven and smart. At NuVista we want to empower our citizens to make the community better, and this is just one more way we get to do that,” says Darbe. Claire Buetler, a 2016 from MHS and one of the scholarship recipients, will be working on building her graphic design portfolio over the summer and will be pursuing a degree in graphic design in the Fall. “I can’t wait to use the amazing facility and all the opportunities that it will create for me,” said Buetler, “it is an honor to be part of it.” The other recipients are Kaileigh Lyons: studying photography and graphic design; Michael Jones: studying graphic design; and Sigmund Lesniewski: studying game design and animation. The selected students will be working all summer and keeping track of their time and project in a blog.553171a3-ad0c-49a1-be66-4c8a54a5ab51

Kaileigh LyonsKayleigh Lyons

Montrose High School junior, works independently on advanced photography and graphic design. She will continue her work in Illustrator and Photoshop through the summer and next school year. Kaileigh plans on continuing photography or design after high school so she will also use this opportunity to learn more about her post secondary options in her field of study.

Michael JonesMichael Jones

High School senior, has been in the Advanced Computer Design class for five semesters and is a tutor for beginning design students. He primarily studies graphic design and will continue his work in Illustrator and Photoshop through the summer. Michael will work on his portfolio and complete an online IT course to prepare for his future entrance to a techinical school for either graphic design or computer support specialist.

Claire BeutlerClaire Beutler

Senior design student at Montrose High School, is planning to further her education by pursuing a degree in graphic design. Her love of design started at an early age inspired by her father who is a professional graphic artist. Throughout the summer Claire will work on improving in Computer Illustrations as well as learning from and making connections with local business owners and professionals.

Sigmund LesniewskiSigmund Lesniewski

Montrose High School Junior, is currently working on Animation and Game Design. Next school year he plans to be a member of the new Montrose High School Geek Squad, and will work on the maintenance and support for the new one-to-one district initiative. Over the next few years Sigmund plans to develop his skills so that he can enter the professional world of animation and game design.